Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Work Stinks. So Do Sick Babies. They Stink. Literally.

Well these past couple of days have been a big dose of reality smacking me in the face!  I went back to work yesterday, and after having been off for 6 weeks recovering from the torn ligaments in my foot, I am quite literally... exhausted.  I went back Monday and if you read my last couple of posts you know that I didn't get much sleep Saturday or Sunday night.  And Monday is my long day at work.  Blah.

Of course on my first day back I would get a call about a sick kid.  This time it was Brody.  He was causing quite the "stink" at "baby preschool."  They called after his 3rd "incident" (it's a 3 strikes and you're out policy there when we're talking about this kind of illness! LOL) asking him to be promptly removed.  Actually that's not true.  They're so freaking sweet there they are always like, it's ok, no rush, get here when you can, we totally understand... I could not love this place any more, I swear.  Anyway... I couldn't very well leave work early on my first day back soooo... it's Grammy to the rescue!!! 

Mom went to pick up the kids and cracked up... Brody was in what she called "isolation" in the 1 year old room... separated from the other kids trying to minimize the infection possibilities!  She said the whole school stunk... apparently Brody wasn't the only one afflicted.  Although with Brody, I'll be honest, on any given day I don't know if you'd be able to tell the difference from his normal ridiculous stinkiness to actual sick stinkiness.  That boy is something else, I'm telling you.  He defies the laws of nature.

So back to a sick baby again.  He goes through bouts of feeling better and then needing to nestle in with mommy for long periods of time.  When I got home from work this afternoon he had been asleep for about 2 1/2 hours.  I waited and waited for him to wake up and finally at 530 I threw in the towel so he wasn't up all night tonight and had boyfriend wake up Brody.  He was less than thrilled to be pulled from slumber.  I can dig it. 

Here's a funny thing about Brody... I don't know if any of you have babies that are strangely addicted to sweepers of all kinds but... mine is.  He got one of those Laugh and Learn vacuums for his birthday and it fast became his favorite toy.  He loves to walk around the house pushing his little sweeper.  It has 3 different settings on it, music, learning, and one that sounds like a real vacuum.  He gets really ticked if it's not on that one.  He doesn't mind the other settings if he's sitting down playing but when he's ready to sweep... it better be on sweep sound setting!  And if it's turned off (this toy can get pretty annoying!) he gets really ticked. 

He likes to "sweep" with his little vacuum at any given time, but especially if he sees someone else using the real vacuum.  Then he runs and gets his and follows them around.  Cute.  But this cute little habit has quickly become a weird obsession.  He LOVES the real vacuum.  If he sees it he goes crazy trying to pull the plug down and start pushing it.  I have had to relocate it from its previous spot tucked between a shelf and a wall in the dining room to the mudroom.  Oh and he loves brooms.  The kid has a serious thing for brooms.  He's constantly maneuvering himself around the gate to get into the mudroom to get one of the brooms and then he walks around sweeping.  He does a pretty good job, to be honest!  Or he tries to get the vacuum.  It's a constant struggle with him.  I'm pretty sure he wants to be a janitor when he grows up.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  I'm just surprised that he's found his life's calling at 15 months old.

So anyway back to tonight.  He was mad about being woke up.  He got a little happier when he laid eyes on the broom.  He went right for it.  He was smiling and giggling and, well, sweeping.  Boyfriend tried to take the broom away from him only to be met with screams and wails and tears.  He got so upset.  He ran to me... still holding the broom.  I tried to pick him up to comfort him but he wouldn't release his grip on the broom.  So I just picked it up with him.  That's when I noticed that his fever was back and he decided since I picked him up he was going to start the "snuggle in with mommy" session of the evening.  But he wouldn't let go of the broom.  No matter how hard anyone tried.  So I held him, and he held the broom.  Weird kid.

Here is a pic of the little weirdo.  Boyfriend took the pic with my cell.  He clearly is not a photographer. 

Anyone else have babies obsessed with something strange like brooms and vacuums?  I'd love to hear about it!

OK well I have to stop blogging to get back to my main task of the day: my taxes!  I am hoping to get them done soon and hoping to get a nice big fat return.  Or at least a pretty decent sized one.  Filing my tax return is today's step towards Living My Best Life.  A lot of people take their return and go on vacation or buy new furniture or something else along those lines... Since my divorce I've used mine to supplement my income.  I take a little of it off the top for some extras and put a little bit away for our big summer vacation and generally have to use some of it to catch up on some bills... but most of it goes in the bank to be divided up over the next 12 months to add to my income.  I wish I could use it for something much more fun, like... a big down payment on a nice new minivan... or... 6 big vacations instead of 1... or... I don't know... anything.  But to me, it's income. 

So I'm off to turbotax to continue my return!  Good luck to all of you in your tax filing!  What do you all like to spend your return on if you get one?  I'd love to hear!


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  3. I'm a new follower, found you on Global Blog Hop Wednesday.
    My 21 month year old LOVES his toy vacuum too!! And the real one of course, as well as the broom and swiffers. If I start vacuuming, he'll get his little vacuum out too!!! All the time. It's cute.


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  6. Hope your little one is feeling better. Lately my little 9 month old has taken to carrying around her sock (only one!) like it is some sort of security blanket. Mind you, we have all those cute little security blankets etc. around the house, & she chooses to carry her sock... Thanks for stopping by my blog~ I am your newest follower :)

  7. Feeling your pain! One of my boys was obsessed with weird things! When most kids would take a toy to bed I'd find him cuddling an old hard camera or strange container!!