Monday, January 17, 2011

** I Had My Golden Globes Gown All Picked Out But My Invitation Never Came

I just finished watching The Golden Globes. 

Social Network just won best picture.  I just happened to see that today.  It was pretty great.  Really great.  But was it better than The Fighter?  I'm not sure.  I really don't think so.  I haven't seen The King's Speech and I know everyone says Inception was amazing but I fell asleep in it.  I also haven't seen Black Swan yet but my sister and dad, two of my best movie previewers, have both said it's really good, but very dark and not nearly as good as The Fighter.  Or as good as True Grit, which was also amazing, and sadly wasn't even nominated. 

And again... I haven't yet seen The King's Speech, and although I can guarantee that I will love it (that's a movie that's right up my alley) and I know that I will love Colin Firth, I can't imagine he's any match for Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter.  He is ALWAYS amazing, but this movie just really showcased him (and all the actors in it!) and I quickly forgave him for making me think that I could actually watch a Will Ferrell movie and actually like it only to quickly be proven way wrong.  The Other Guys?  Meh.  But The Fighter?  Incredible.  And Mark in The Fighter?  The best.  I hope he's nominated for an Oscar at least, if not wins the Oscar.  Congrats Colin.  I'm sure you were great.  While I was hoping for a win for The Fighter, I'll give you this one, HFPA. 

But I don't even know what to say for your Best Comedy (Or Musical?  Why are these in the same category?).  The Kids Are Alright?  Meh.  It looked like it was going to be great, and it was ok, but I was pretty disappointed in it.  Although  I guess the other movies that were up for it weren't exactly in the category of greatness, either. 

And I hate to be Fighter-centric, but I am glad that Christian Bale and Melissa Leo (the mother! she was soo great!) won but again... oh Mark how you moved me. 

As far as TV goes, I'm glad Glee won and Jane Lynch for Glee, although Sofia Vergara does crack me up on Modern Family.  And I love The Big C and Laura Linney so I guess it's ok that she beat Lea Michelle, but I really don't understand why cable tv shows and regular tv shows continue to be in the same category.  It's like the regular shows don't stand a chance!  They're still great, but they just don't have the freedom that cable has and the cable shows almost always win out.  Did 87 years of The Sopranos winning teach us nothing?  I don't have HBO, and I've heard that Boardwalk Empire is great, and I know Steve Buscemi is great in everything he does, but basically there were no network shows or actors even given a chance, save Hugh Laurie, who is incredible as House.  I just feel like if there were two different categories so many other great network shows and actors would have a chance here as well.  Same goes for Katey Sagal, who I've heard is amazing in Sons of Anarchy, but I've never seen it.  And the only network person she was up against was Juliana Marguiles, who again, I've heard is great in The Good Wife, but I haven't seen that because it's on at the same time as something else I watch (although I can't think of what right now).  Network shows have great actresses too!  HPFA please separate out these categories! 

Finally, I still haven't seen Temple Grandin, because like I said before I don't have HBO and I haven't yet been able to find the movie, but I want to see it badly.  Wow Clare Danes was beautiful last night and she and Temple brought tears to my eyes a few times after she was announced and during her speech!  That movie sounds great.  I hope to be able to see it soon.   I'm just glad Jennifer Love Hewitt didn't win for the goofy The Client List.  LOL

IDK I guess my opinion doesn't really amount to much in cases like these, but it should!  Who knows more about which movies and actors are great than the movie and celeb obsessed mom who never gets the chance to get out and go to movies herself but lives for Blockbuster, Netflix, and the occasional DVD that somehow gets dropped on my doorstep because apparently someone mistakenly believes that I am someone on an awards consideration panel so therefore am supposed to get these movies ahead of time?  Not many people, in my humble opinion.  I guess I won't quit my day job(s) anytime soon but if you ever want to call on my to join the party and put in my two cents, I'm there, HFPA!  :) 

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