Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It Would Be Ok With Me if Clinton and Stacey Lived in My Closet. Just Sayin'.

OK here's an extra little post for the day.  I've got an eppy of "What Not to Wear" on while I was blogging tonight and can I just say how much I love this show?  I mean seriously, I love me some Clinton and Stacey.  And Carmindy.  Ted is ok... he's no Nick but he's not too bad either.  Anyway... they always make these women look SOO beautiful!!!  Like, look what they had in them but didn't know how to get to?  It makes me wonder... do I have that in me?  If someone gave me $5K and sent me to NYC for the week and had these amazing stylists and artists make me over would I end up with a rockin wardrobe too that made me look and feel as awesome as the women on the show always end up?  I hope so!  I think I'm going to make "Get on 'What Not to Wear' another one of my goals for the year."  LOL. 

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