Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's All About Me Today. After The Kids Are Taken Care Of, Anyway.

I've decided to make today all about me.  Or as much as a mom can make a day all about her, anyway. 

The boyfriend was more of a jerk than normal Thursday night and said something to one of the girls that really upset me.  Usually when he leaves me in tears or in shock or in a complete state of anger or whatever he doesn't agree that I should be upset and doesn't do anything about it and goes on with his life as with nothing ever happened.  But there are times when he seems to realize what he did was probably not the best move and tries to compensate for it by all of a sudden being the boyfriend everyone would want.  This always only lasts about 2 days on average, but at least during those 2 days he helps around the house and with the kids and makes a big effort to actually pay attention to and be somewhat loving towards the girls. 

Last night was one of those times.  He also bought pancake mix on his way home from work so I knew at the very least it was going to continue through this morning.  The girls had a basketball game to cheer for this afternoon and went to their dad's for the night after so he only needed to make it through about 1 pm.

So I decided to take advantage of this and sleep in.  Since I've hurt my leg I've had to sleep on the couch (I live in an old craftsman home that is high on the charm but in a lot of areas you can see how old it is... like on the narrow, steep staircase that my crutches, boot, and I would likely be no match for) and one of the results of that is that someone else always has to get the baby up and bring him downstairs.  Usually my mom or dad is here in the mornings to do this for me, but if the boyfriend is here, that job falls to him. 

I knew he would have to get up when the baby did (he hates this, but I'm happy to remind him that at least now that he's getting up with the baby in the morning... for the first time in 14 months... at least the baby is sleeping through the night now.... is it wrong that I want to point that out?) and I knew I'd be hearing them come downstairs, but I was determined to tune them out.

And I did!  I woke up a couple of times, and greeted all the kids from my perch sleeping on the couch, but for the most part I was able to sleep until 10 am.  This is not common!!!  I loved every second of it.  I heard the girls wake up.  I heard them all waiting not very patiently for pancakes (even though he talked Olivia, my pancake loving daughter into having his fave.. waffles.. instead. 

I finally got up and immediately got in the shower.  This may seem like not a big deal at all, but trust me, even without the leg injury I'm doing pretty good if I can get a shower in every other day.  More like every 3rd day.  But the kids were playing nicely with each other in the playroom and I had the house mostly cleaned yesterday and I was making this day about me!!

I even turned my daughter away when she tried to come in while I was going to the bathroom.  Moms know this is not an easy feat!

I got the girls all packed and ready for their dads, and got the baby down for a nap, and the boyfriend actually helped to finish cleaning up the house.  Everything is in good shape for the day. 

So I'm going out tonight!  I mean, don't get me wrong, it's not going to be a hot night on the town or anything, I'm on crutches and we've got 2" of snow outside for Pete's sake.  But I am going out of the house.  Without kids.  And without the boyfriend.  And I'm pretty excited about it.  My mom is going to chauffeur me to return some Christmas presents that the kids got and exchange them and we may go to dinner and see a movie. 

A night out on the town with my mom may not seem like a big night of fun or anything having to do with Living My Best Life, but trust me, it is.  I love my mom and I love hanging out with her... she's so much fun.  We have a great time together and I always enjoy when I get to be with her without the kids, because even though she really really loves my kiddos, I like to give her a break from that whenever possible.  So tonight is going to be one of those nights!  She'll still have to do a little extra work because of my situation but it won't be nearly as hard as it was for her to say, take me on my crutches and my 2 younger kids to the grocery store after my doctor's appointment the day.  It's safe to say she probably needed 2 days of rest after that little adventure.

So, yay for me!  Slept in super late (still feel tired, though, how's that possible?).  Have a clean house and a happy baby and 2 cute little cheerleader girlies gone for the night.  And now I'm going out.  Sometimes you just have to take a day for you, right? 

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