Friday, January 14, 2011

At The End Of The Day There Is Just Enough Time Left Over For Me To.... Fill Out Some Forms.

MRI was today.  Here's hoping the foot is healing as well as it feels like it is!  I still have some pain depending on what I do, but it is definitely feeling MUCH better so I'm cautiously optimistic!  Of course I won't find out the results for like another 10 days soooo.... lots more waiting ahead!

Brody was much more like himself today, although still not 100%.  He at least was somewhat playful and smiling and not completely attached to my side.  He had his moments, but he definitely ventured out more.  Seriously?  One shot of antibiotics and he's healthy again?  I hate not knowing what's making him sick because I don't feel like I know if he's really better or not.  I know that the most important thing is that he is feeling better and I just need to let go of my freakish mom-ochondriacness and be happy he's feeling better. 

Today was a pretty busy day.  After getting the kids off to school, going to get the MRI and then picking up some yummy Panera Bread to go for lunch (all with the help of my dad... I am so sick of these crutches!) it was after noon before I finally got home.  I spent the next hour and a half trying to figure out what was wrong with my computer.  We'll chalk this up to a total of about 30 hours now over the past 6 weeks.  I feel like Dell should be putting me on the payroll.  They finally had to send someone out Tuesday who basically replaced my entire computer, leaving only the shell it came in, and it's still not performing right.  On top of that they neglected to mention that when they did that, they wouldn't be resending the same hard drive I had purchased originally, preloaded with Microsoft Office and all sorts of other things that I now have to buy again.  It's safe to say I'm a little less than thrilled with them right now.

So before I knew it I had to pick the kids up from school.  After getting Liv and then to the preschool it was going to be 5 before we got home.  Not a huge deal but the girls had cheer practice tonight at 6 so it kind of put us in a bind.  Especially when the boyfriend called and said he was going to be running late (as usual) and wouldn't be home until close to 6.  The neighbor girl helped me bring Brody in and I spent the next half hour getting the kids set up with some snacks (apples and peanut butter for the girls, apples and bananas for Brody) and got Olivia started on studying for her spelling test. 

This is how every one of my days goes, it seems like!  I didn't even work and the minutes flew by we are constantly running behind!

The girls practice is usually over around 715.  Tonight it was 730 and they were still going.  We left.  We still had to eat dinner, get more spelling practice in, and do Liv's nightly reading!  Ooohh how the days go by.

I asked Scott to PLEASE keep Brody and Ava in the living room and occupy them so Liv could concentrate on finishing her homework.  I generally ask him this every single night, and every single night he sits himself down in front of the tv and somehow doesn't realize that Brody wanders into the kitchen to find me every 2 and a half minutes or so.  So every night it's me yelling, "Boyfriend!  Please come and get Brody!" 47 times while Liv and I do homework.  Sooo helpful, eh? 

Tonight he actually did a fairly decent job of keeping the kids out of the kitchen but this pulls at my heartstrings just as much because his idea of "occupying" them is pretty different than mine.  It has to do with either him turning on cartoons and sitting in a chair while Ava watches and Brody plays and he zones out and doesn't speak to or play with them, or he turns on something he wants to watch while Ava and Brody both play and he doesn't speak to or play with them.  What fun for them!  Ugghhh...

Anyway... it was almost 930 before the girls got to bed!  It's not right!  How does my day slip by like this?  And I still had to get Brody down!  This is one of the main reasons I need to figure out how to better organize and streamline my life.  Any suggestions will be welcomed and appreciated!  :)

So Brody goes down and it's after 10 and I haven't even had a minute to myself let alone had a minute to do something for myself to Live My Best Life.  This is seriously turning out to be harder than I thought!!!  But I am committed to this.  I have to do SOMETHING that will work towards making my life better so I set out to figure out what that would be for today.

But first I have to check my email and my Facebook page, right?  I mean, I still have to stay up to date with what's going on with all of the people I know that have fairly normal lives, right?  :)  But that's when I stumbled upon the answer for the day.  A kids consignment sale!

I have looked into these in the past and have been very interested in them but honestly, they seem like a lot more work than they probably end up being worth, but there is something about them that has always made me keep them in the back burner of my mind.  There is a group that runs several of these sales on a pretty huge sale 3-4 times a year around my area of the state.  I've always wanted to go to look for things for my kids but something has always kept me from being able to attend, which is probably a good thing because something like this would probably be seriously detrimental to my finances, and those can't take too much more detriment, believe me!

But now that Brody is getting bigger, I have a small baby store factory of gear and toys and clothes that I could get rid of.  I sold pretty much everything baby-related after the girls were born.  I was getting divorced and had come to terms with and even began to accept and be happy with the fact that Ava would be my last baby.  So I sold everything I could and donated everything else.  Then... surprise!  Brody!!  :)  (BEST surprise of my life, hands down!)  But it meant I had to repurchase EVERYTHING.

Now, 15 months later, I am the proud owner of an stroller/carseat travel system, a double stroller, 3 lightweight strollers, and another basic stroller.  And that's just my stroller collection!  That's nothing to speak of high chairs, pack and plays, baby carriers, other carseats, bouncers, and the list goes on and on.  I joke that I would seriously start a baby gear rental company if I lived in a location where I thought it would be worth it.  There is one near the beach we go to in Florida and I know they are constantly doing business renting strollers, porta cribs, carseats, and the like to vacationers who don't feel like travelling with all that stuff.  But in my little burg I just don't think there'd be much use for that kind of business so... consignment sale here I come!

I filled out the forms to become a consignor and I'm not kidding when I say it is a seriously confusing, lengthy process!  I'm excited about it, though.  The sales aren't until the fall so by then I'll have even more to to get rid of and I'll have the summer (and hopefully full use of all my limbs) to get all the stuff ready.  Yay! 

Whatever I don't sell I'm just going to donate.  I mean, I wish I could just donate it all but let's face it, I could definitely use the money.  But I'm making a commitment right now (hold me to this! And tell my mom because I KNOW she'll hold me to it!  LOL) that nothing that gets carted to the consignment sale makes it back into my house.  Nothing!  Hopefully I can make a few dollars on my gear and help some people out by getting them some good deals on some baby clothes and gear that are still in great shape, and then help some people even more by donating the rest.  Win-win-win!  :) 

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