Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Can Lock My Keys In My Car 4 Times This Year

The baby has been sick, and therefore completely attached to me, which in my current crutches state, has pretty much left me completely attached to a chair.  During those rare moments when I absolutely need to pry him from my arms, we are all forced to listen to him scream for as long as it takes for me to do whatever I needed my arms for and then I quickly scoop him back up and he calms down and all is right with the world again.  So the old blog and the old quest to Live My Best Life have kind of taken a backseat to my quest to keep the Brodster as comfortable and happy as possible.

But I missed one day I didn't want to miss 2 days (even though I'm late tonight) so once I was finally able to have someone break his seal to me without waking him up and enraging him and getting him into his bed I am staying up a bit longer to get a quick post in for the day.

You probably know by now that I am quasi-addicted to these coupon deals I get via email every day.  Groupon, Living Social, Mamapedia, Fudha, all of them... they have my number.  They are like, we LOVE this girl.  She keeps buying our stuff.  SEND HER MORE!!!  Here's the newest way to keep a shopaholic, a deal-hunter-holic, constantly spending money.  The kids and the bills may keep her out of the stores, and she may be able to try not to click all the way through to the "commit to order" button when online window shopping, but you can't keep her from looking at her email!  And when those emails boast subject lines saying 50% off!, 90% off!, Great deal to simplify your life!, 85% off!, she doesn't have much hope in keeping her resolve. 

I always think I only fall for the best of the best deals, but today I really do think I got a good one!  And I really do think that it's going to be a good help this year while I'm trying to Live My Best Life.  I signed up for an AAA membership!  It was offered at 50% off through Groupon and I just felt like I couldn't pass that deal up! 

I've only had a membership once before because I've always decided that I don't want to spend the money on it.  I drop $50 at Target generally twice a week but I can't spend $55 once a year to join AAA?  I know, I know.  I don't make sense. 

I've needed AAA service many times over these years that I haven't been a member.  My dad has used his more than once to have my car towed or a tire fixed.  My mom has used hers to unlock my doors more than a few times.  Last summer on the road trip from hell (our annual June trek to Florida) we had to call AAA 3 times for various reasons.  My mom used her AAA each time.  The Friday before Christmas, at close to midnight, I somehow managed to lock my keys in the car at a gas station.  Out treks my mom in the cold at midnight to save the day again.  Shortly after that she got a letter in the mail from AAA letting her know she'd reached her limit for numbers of services in a year.  She said she's been an AAA member for 40 years and that's never happened.  And they were all because of me!  LOL 

So now I'm a member on my very own.  Maybe I can pay back my parents and help them out of a jam once or twice this year.  Or maybe I'll be lucky enough to have them for the next time my bad car luck rears its ugly head.  Either way, I'm glad to be responsible for this myself this year and have this be one less thing to rely on my parents for.  Until I reach my limit of services allowed and need to borrow theirs again.  :)

Side note... I started this blog around midnight.  About 15 minutes later the baby started crying.  The boyfriend brought him to me and set up the pack and play right next to my recliner so I can just stand up and lean over it to put him down in once he falls back to sleep (so the boyfriend can go back to bed).  He's been asleep almost the entire time since I've been holding him but the moment I make a move to stand up he wakes and starts screaming.  So it looks like I'll be sleeping like this tonight.  I finally gave in and put the laptop on my lap and started pecking with one hand so I could finish this up.  After 10 minutes of that I threw in the towel and positioned it kind of on top of the baby with my left arm around him a little too far so I can reach the keyboard and finish this up quickly.  Nothing is going to stop me from posting tonight!  :)

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  1. ADHD is an inherited trait......have you considered you might have it a tad?