Friday, January 14, 2011

The Zodiac Said Yesterday That Apparently My Sign Changed From Leo To Cancer. Hmpf. The Zodiac Clearly Hasn't Seen My Mane.

I know you're expecting big news today.  It's been a slow week what with a sick baby, a snowstorm, the foot still in a boot, and mom leaving for Florida, so there's bound to be a big breakthrough one of these days, right?  Well readers, today is not that day. 

I was back on serious mommy to a sick boy duty today so I barely even had a free arm most of the day let alone a free minute to do anything for myself.  Brody is just so not himself and he just has this pitiful look on his face.  There are a few moments where he attempts to get down and play, but it's basically an exercise in futility as he switches between whining, crying, and screaming until he is safely curled up in my lap again.

Quick side note... as I type this Hope Floats is on.  And right now I am hearing one of the best songs by my favorite singer ever... "To Make You Feel My Love" by Garth Brooks... ooohhh I love this song.... I wouldn't mind dancing to it with Harry Connick Jr right now... but I digress...

I actually DID manage to do something for myself today, although it was a pretty small step indeed... But I booked a hair cut and color for myself!  This may sound VERY trivial to some of you, but let me assure you, this is a VERY big deal for me! 

I have such a huge mane of very thick, curly hair, I only get my hair cut and colored like once a year because the process takes at least 2 hours and I just never seem to be able to justify the time and money spent on myself.  So I don't!  But today I found out a friend of my sister is starting out at the salon at which I get my hair done and she's offering AMAZING deals to get her client base started and I completely pounced on that! 

I'm sure she'll be seriously regretting agreeing to work on my hair for such a good price once she sees what she's dealing with but.... we're locked in now so I'm ready to put my life (hair) into her hands!  Even though getting my hair done is always such an expensive endeavor because of how much of it I have I always leave a pretty great tip because I know the girl has really worked her butt off and that I've blocked her out of 2 or 3 other clients and with a deal like this, this girl can expect a REALLY great tip from me so hopefully she finds it worth her while.  :) 

Now I have to remind myself to make an appointment to get the Brodster's hair cut because he is really starting to look a little like Justin Beiber!!  Still comPLETEly adorable, but definitely in need of a haircut!  :) 

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