Sunday, January 9, 2011

Getting Out of The House Just To Have A Good Cry? I Love It!

I finished the weekend with some more "me" time.  Last night's adventure plans kind of got changed and we just ended up returning some Christmas presents that I had been needing to return and we picked up pizzas and came home and watched movies.  It wasn't exactly the night out I was looking for, but really, crutches do kind of limit your options.

We were hoping to have a good meal out last night (even though we did pick up pizza from our fave pizza place) before my mom left for Florida but since we didn't get that chance today she and I and my sister had lunch at our fave Chinese place. 

But first we went to a movie.  I LOVE going to movies and don't often get the chance to go.  The boyfriend and I haven't been to a movie together since... I honestly can't remember the last movie we saw together.  I'll bet it's been a year.  We don't actually do much together anymore, so this is actually maybe not as strange as it sounds (aside from the basic strange-ness of it to begin with). 

Because of the kids I don't get too many chances to get out.  My friends of course go to movies with their kids or families or husbands or boyfriends but don't really want to do movies to often on girls' nights out because everyone tends to rather get together and drink and chat and catch up, so movies aren't really the best place for this.  Although at just about every movie I've been able to get to in the past few years, there tends to always be a group of people in the theater, always sitting very near me, who feel like a movie theater in fact is the best place to chat and catch up.  I guess they don't think those "silence is golden" bits apply to them.

I do try to see movies with my mom and sister as often as possible, but again because of the kiddos this happens a lot more rarely than I want it to.  My sister has this crazy weird awesome ability to find free passes to movies all the time and sadly, I usually have to pass on them as I can't get out of the house.  Oh woe is me, right?  LOL.  I know this is pretty much the fate of most moms, especially moms of young kids, and especially single moms (or "basically" single moms, like me!).

But today the girls were unexpectedly going to be gone and I was going to take advantage of it.  I want to Live My Best Life, and that means having some time for myself sometimes, right!?  I feel pretty bad about taking time for myself twice in one weekend but honestly, it rarely happens once in one weekend, so I'm giving myself a pass about it. 

My mom and sister and I met and saw Country Song.  After reading reviews I had kind of decided not to see the movie until I could rent it (when you hardly ever get to the theater, you want to save your visits for the best movies possible!) because I honestly didn't think it was going to be that great.  But that's what my mom and sister wanted to see and my mom was buying tickets and I had the time that I could take and, well, beggars can't be choosers!  We actually got VERY lucky this weekend and had 3 movies to watch at home and ALL of them turned out to be amazing, and it's probably been longer since a hat trick like this happened than since I've been to a movie with the boyfriend.  So because of that, I figured, I was going to be happy just to get out, even if I didn't end up liking the movie.

But I did like it!  It was great!  I laughed and cried (mostly cried!) and was totally invested in the story and the characters.  I was so happily surprised by how good this movie was.  And I was so happy that I got to get out and see it!  I won't get into what the movie was about because I'm not writing movie reviews here, but I would recommend you see it if you've been thinking about it!  I did cry quite a bit throughout the movie, but trust me, it was warranted!  And maybe I'm a masochist, but I love movies that make me cry.  The story is usually a good one if I'm invested enough to cry, and I enjoy a good cry.  :)  My sister makes fun of me, but that's mainly because her heart is made of steel.  LOL  I even have a list of my "top 5 crying movies of all time" and I swear, I love watching these movies!!  (In case you're curious, When a Man Loves a Woman, Step-Mom, Corrina Corrina, Marvin's Room, and The Pursuit of Happyness.  There are like 20 or so honorable mentions, so I'll just leave you with these.  Rent them if you haven't seen them!  It's worth the cry, I promise!)

After the movie we went to our Chinese place and had a great lunch.  The three of us almost always have a great time together, talking and laughing, and I really enjoy getting to get together like this. 

Nothing huge today, I guess, but I had a pretty good day.  Not long after I got home the girls got home (earlier than expected) and the boyfriend went to visit his family for most of the rest of the day.  The baby woke up right before he left and the 3 kiddos and I got the chance to spend some fun time together so it really was one of those "best of both worlds" days for me in the end.  :) 

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