Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Date With My Daddy

This post is from Friday, January 22.  This and Thursday's post were both posted tonight because, well, Blogger has been hating me the past 2 days.  Now off to write today's post!

This week was restaurant week in town and I would love to have been able to try out a few of them but unfortunately that wasn't really possible.  But my dad did invite my sisters and I to go try one of them tonight without any kids or any of them men in our lives and I was pretty excited about it.  The girls were out with their dad and the boyfriend was going to stay home with Brody and my sisters were both onboard.  Fun!

Today was a very stressful day.  I was up working until about 4 am and then up at 8 with the kids.  The girls are both still fighting whatever sickness this is that seems to have taken over my house and Brody is, well, insane.  LOL.  I had a few fun activities planned for the girls but I was so tired and they were feeling so yucky that the 3 of us spent most of the morning laying on the couch watching cartoons while Brody tore through everything in sight.

Brody never went down for a nap so that just added to the stress of the day.  I expected the boyfriend home from work by around 4 but I should know by now never to expect anything from the boyfriend and it was more like 530 when he got home.  At 430 I gave up and somehow got a shower in all the while listening to things crash, Brody attacking the girls and the girls screaming and the girls fighting with each other... all the normal chaos that goes on if I dare to take a shower while I'm home alone with the kids. 

My dad was going to pick me up around 615 and the girls' dad picked them up for their overnight visit about 515.  The boyfriend finally got home a little after that and although I kept trying to get him to take the baby and spend some time with him so I could get ready, the baby kept making his way back to me because the boyfriend basically would just pick him up and move him to another location and put him down.  I'm pretty sure there was smoke coming out of my ears by this point. 

I finally convinced boyfriend to "high chair" the baby (both the term and the solution I use to keep Brody safely contained when I need to get something done... put him in the high chair with some raisins or blueberries or a banana and suddenly I have some free minutes!) and I was able to start putting on some makeup.

That's when a big smile creeped across my face.  I hadn't been out on a date in quite awhile, and even longer since I was out on one I was actually looking forward to.  But here I was, getting a little dressed up, doing my hair and makeup, and getting ready for a date.  With my daddy.  And I was so excited and happy about it I even sang about it a little bit (Going on a date with my daddddyy...lalala.  LOL). 

Not just me and my dad, but my sisters too.  It's just not something that I get the chance to do very often.  My dad is so great and awesome and amazing and the best dad and the absolute best papa, and he actually takes me to dinner fairly often, but there are always kids there.  And not always, but it's often for a reason... someone's birthday, a holiday, or celebrating something or other.  But tonight it was just us and my dad and I suddenly couldn't wait. 

We went to a great restaurant and had a great time and I'm so glad we went.  It's nice to remember that while I'm off trying to figure out how to Live My Best Life that I'm super lucky to have my dad as one of the Best parts of my already Pretty Great Life.

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