Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Son... Well Rounded Individual Already At Age 1

Today I'm going to try and devote some time to figuring out this whole blog thing.  Obviously I can't stop writing on my blog (I know my posts are like 89 pages long!  Just like when I start talking... when I start writing... I can't seem to stop!!! LOL) but I really want to try and learn some things about how to set it up to look more like I want it to and to figure out how to get on with some companies to do reviews and giveaways. 

I have gotten so many great tips and suggestions from all you bloggers out there personally as well as just really seeing things I love on all the sites I keep happening upon.  I know I've said it before and I'll say it again... I've quickly become addicted to reading all the wonderful blogs!  It was another 4 am night (morning) up reading blogs when I promised myself I would go to bed by midnight! 

Maybe (hopefully) by the end of the weekend you'll see some changes in at least the look of my blog.  Maybe not... if I can't figure out how to make the changes I actually want but... here's hoping.  :)  I am really starting to love the blog thing and I know it's something that is helping me to Live My Best Life... getting all my ramblings out there is proving to be something I really look forward to each day.

So this morning my dad (who has been coming over in the mornings to help me get the kids ready since I've had the leg injury) made a joke to Brody about his drinking out of the pink princess sippy cup.  Do any of you moms do this?  I promise, when we leave the house, I make sure he has a Toy Story or Cars or some other "boy" type sippy cup but at home I just give him the first cup I pull out of the cabinet.  He doesn't care!  And since he has 2 older sisters, my Princess sippy cup collection was already quite vast by the time he came around sooo...

It's so funny though because we've always kind of joked and laughed at how cute he is with the girls' toys.  Remember, by the time he graced (surprised!) me with his presence I had an almost 4 year old and a 5 year old girl and I quite literally had an entire playroom full of very girlie type toys.  Brody is slowly building up his collection of cars and trucks and balls and things, but he likes to go into the girls playroom and play with them and therefore, their toys.  He's just so cute I just crack up at the fact that he often loves to carry around one of the girls' purses, and for a long time he woudln't dare be without a baby in his arms.  One of his favorite things to do is have the pink stethoscope around his neck and also, strangely, put underwear on his head!  When he first did this I thought, this Animal House behavior starts young!  LOL 

He's quite the boy's boy too, don't get me wrong.  His two favorite things in the world are balls and dogs and he loves to kick the ball around and he is built like and already nearly as strong as a left tackle.  He loves to climb and get dirty and throw things.  Of course his favorite toy is probably his toy vacuum and he is showing a penchant for gymnastics too.  :)  He is his own child in so many ways and he learns from his sisters in so many ways as well.  I think this is going to make him a very well rounded boy and man.  Because we are a family of football coaches and players, I hope this turns out to be what he decides to do.  But if he decides to play in the band or be an artist or sing in the choir or play baseball or do gymnastics or run track I'll be just as happy and proud.  Heck maybe he'll do all of them!  :)

Anyway... I just wanted to post a few pictures of him showing his wide interest in all different kinds of things.  :)  The boy seriously cracks me up all the live long day... 

UGH most of the pics aren't loading.  I'll try to post the rest later.  I got one on here of him climbing on top of his sisters' desk the other day (I've since removed the chair from the playroom!).  A friend of mine said, "are you more disconcerted by the fact that he climbed on top of the desk or his penchant for playing with Barbies?"  LOL DEFINITELY the climbing!  The boy scares me to death!!!


  1. Thank you for stopping by I'm your newest GFC follower ~ Shari

    My advice is to find what best works for you and what you feel comfortable doing. Being a new blogger myself I'm still learning as I'm sure some of the people who have been blogging for a while still learn something new all of the time..You can email with questions about setting up your blog widgets and other fun stuff plus I'll email you back with places you can go to sign up for product reviews:-)

  2. I think it's great he drinks from the girl sippy cups and plays with their toys - why not? He doesn't really know the difference and why should he - they're toys! New follower btw. Oh and don't change your blog too much - simple is better ;)
    Debbie from

  3. thanks for finding me, following you back, thisis a learn as you go process, at least for me. wish I would have asked more people.

  4. Well this is my life only you are missing 2 girls... We have 4 girls and a 2 year old boy... and no matter what I do (or what happens to my baby when he falls see my blog for his new broken arm) he climbs and climbs and climbs! I had to put his dresser in his closet. husband does the raised eyebrow and I get no you are not posting htat picture when Ethan puts on jewelry or walks around with my pink bra on his so I resist and keep those pictures for later in his dating career.
    Thanks for following me at Teens and a Toddler...I am following you back!
    (I was a single mom with a 3 year old and twin 1 year old girls all the way up till they were 11 years old and 9 year olds (twins) so I have been where you are- if you need to vent or scream I am here for you!)