Friday, January 28, 2011

Exes, PT, And Housekeeping

OK no worries ladies I got yet another call from the ex today asking if he can claim the girls and I explained as nicely as I could but in no uncertain terms that it wasn't going to happen and that while I hoped it didn't make him start getting nasty about things again that he needed to quit asking about it.  I really didn't feel like I needed to explain my reasons for saying no but I did anyway.  Sooo I can check that off of my to do list for the week... LOL.  In order to Live My Best Life I need to be able to provide for my girls all year long and not feel bad about it.  He needs to figure out how to live his best life on his own. 

I want to thank so many of you for the sweet and heartfelt comments!  I would love to reply to many of them but.. I can't.  Apparently I don't have something set up correctly so I can't reply individually to you I can only leave additional comments.  Another great blogger was sweet enough to point that out to me and offer to help!  Thank you!!  :)  I had tried to reply to a couple and wondered why... LOL.  I keep telling you how green I am at all of this and I'm sure this is something ridiculously simple so don't make too much fun.  :) 

Sooo I start physical therapy tomorrow.  I'm a little nervous, even though I know how important it is for me to get the motion and strength back in my foot, leg, and ankle.  When I was 20 I fell down the stairs and broke my right ankle.  I remember the first couple of days of physical therapy being just about as painful as the break itself.  And that was 13 years ago!  My dad was nice enough to point out that I don't handle pain very well and that I should psyche myself up to work through the pain.  LOL. 

In other physical therapy news... Olivia also has a PT evaluation at our Children's Hospital next week.  Here's the thing about Liv.  She's scared to death of getting hurt.  She fights with everything she has against doing anything that will possibly allow her to fall and hurt herself.  She refuses to learn to ride her bike without training wheels, and she's halfway through first grade.  She doesn't want to learn to jump rope.  She just finally learned to do the monkey bars on the playground and I think it was through sheer peer pressure that she did it because every time I or anyone tried to get her to do them her entire body was clearly gripped with fear.  I could go on.  But I won't.  LOL

At the end of the 1st quarter of school her P.E. teacher mentioned that she had some worries about her gross motor skills as she seemed to fight against things like skipping, hopping, galloping, etc.  At the end of the 2nd quarter she mentioned that she continued to see problems in this area and they were going to evaluate her further.  Both times both her P.E. and her classroom teacher mentioned they weren't sure if it was completely a gross motor issue or if it was somehow related to her ADHD because her fear of failure is very symptomatic of that.  But now they feel like it's possibly more than that.  And her pediatrician thinks we should have her evaluated and possibly have her work with a physical therapist a little.

I think it's a great idea.  Olivia does a pretty good job at gymnastics but her fear clearly holds her back.  There are a lof of things she refuses to do and keeps her from learning certain skills.  And she loves gymnastics so I think that if she could learn to control herself better and let go of some of this fear it will really help her self esteem.  Also she's going to be in 2nd grade next year, the poor girl needs to be able to ride a bike.  LOL.  There are many reasons I think she can benefit from this PT so as concerned I am for her to see what kind of limitations she might have, I'm just as excited to see how she can progress.

I actually used this as an example of out of pocket medical costs when talking with my ex tonight.  A pretty decent portion of the therapy may not be covered.  He didn't think that the fact that she can't skip is something we should worry about and thought I shouldn't worry about paying for PT for her.  I said, I don't care if she knows how to skip or not.  But kids learn to skip and hop and jump to gain gross motor skills and control that will help them with other things in life.  He didn't really see the importance of it, but he doesn't have an education degree to know more of how child development is gaged and why certain things are more important than others and more importantly, he doesn't spend 98% of his year with Olivia and see how things like that do have a bigger effect on her than just not being able to skip.

Anyway... Olivia got an A- on her math test today that we studied very hard last night and this morning for so I was a very happy mommy!  Also I got an email from her teacher today telling me what a great job she did paying attention and staying on task in class today which really made my whole week.  Love that girl!  She struggles a lot with a lot of things but man she can really surprise you!  :)  She has her weekly spelling test tomorrow... she's gotten 100% on all but a couple of those this year (spelling is our saving grace! LOL) but this week they've added writing sentences using the spelling words in the sentences and all the words will be checked for spelling... we did some practice sentences but I hope she stays focused tomorrow morning for the test so she can do well on that part of it too! 

She told me today that they're not learning about the planets in science anymore.  They might be learning about the weather but she can't remember.  She knows for sure they are learning about dinosaurs.  Oh yeah and did I know that dinosaurs are extinct and they never lived at the same time people lived or they'd have eaten them?  LOL.  :)  I really love when she spits out random facts she's learned to me! 

OK so ex dealing, test studying, and doctor conferencing were pretty much all that was accomplished today.  OH and I did get the entire downstairs of my house cleaned!  Toilets and all! 

A pretty happy kiddo.  :)

Legos... one of her fave things...

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  1. Been there done that. I raised two kids on my own too. It is an incredibly hard thing to do. They are both full grown and have families of their own. They both are good, kind people and I am proud of them. As I look back on all of the stuff I went through with them I KNOW that this was the best years of my life. kt

    moving on>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>