Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A New Challenge-- 52 Weeks of ME!

So I was checking out a great blog today that I found recently.  It was called Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas (, a name that I love!  I somehow linked to her site from one of the million blogsites I've been scouring lately (because I've become completely blog addicted... I read a post on one blog, I link to 20 different blogs that one mentions, and suddenly I'm up until 3 am reading blogs!  Am I alone here?? LOL).  I immediately thought, hey, I have 2 posh lil divas, too, I need to check this lady out!

Anyway... I read through several of her posts and she has a lot of great things to say, but here's something that really caught my eye: a link in her list of blog labels (something I'm trying to figure out how to set up on my blog to begin with...) titled "52 Weeks of ME."  I was immediately intrigued because I thought, that sounds kind of similar to what I'm trying to do... I'm going to check it out.

What I found was that it was something similar to my self-imposed challenge but in a slightly different fashion.  First I should mention that Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas (MT2PLD) found this challenge on another blog, Life Not Finished (, another blog I of course linked to and loved.  Anyway... the Dolli-Mama has of course noticed that, like every single mom I know, not much of her time and her life is very much about her anymore... the kids have taken over! 

So she decided to do ONE thing for herself each week that "makes me feel more like me and less like mom."  I LOVE IT.  And I'm all over that challenge.  I told MT2PLD that I really felt like this tied into the challenge that I have already set for myself.  I have already blogged once or twice about trying to take some me time and how much that means to me because it is so hard to come by.  I know that it's important for us moms to know that taking a little mommy time out doesn't make us worse moms, it makes us better moms, and if I'm a better, happier mom, I'm one step closer to Living My Best Life. 

Like the 2 moms I've mentioned here I can picture myself not that long ago... thinner (never "thin!" LOL), no grey hair, makeup always done, legs always shaved, tan, moisturized, eyebrows freshly waxed, dressed nice complete with matching earrings and necklaces, and so on and so on.  These days it's a good week if I get 4 showers.  It's a great week if I get makeup on my face once.  It's an amazing week if I shave my legs once.  The greys are poking through, my tanning salon has likely forgotten I exist, my eyebrows haven't been waxed in 3 months, I re-wear the same few things every week that are fitting ok right now and that I don't get too upset that end up covered in Brody's constant stream of snot by the end of the day, and if I even dared to wear necklaces around Brody he'd be eating beads within moments and if I dared to wear earrings around Brody I'd be dealing with ripped earlobes before you could say boo.  So things are a bit different.

I just don't have the time or the energy anymore!  My days are now spent feeding, dressing, diapering, teaching, crafting, teeth and hair brushing, snack fixing, reading, refereeing, chasing, fixing, Disney movie watching, homework assisting, working, and now... blogging.  (LOL)  And because I've been kind of (read: extremely) unhappy with and unsure of my current situation with boyfriend, I know I've let things go even more than I probably would otherwise. 

So I'm adding a challenge for myself to the challenge I have already challenged myself with.  :)  In my quest to Live My Best Life I'm going to take some time to do at least one thing just for ME every single week for 52 weeks.  I'm excited to add this to my weekly challenges because there are so many different things I could do for myself I just have to take the time and put forth the effort to do it.  Here's to 52 weeks of ME ladies! 

If you'd like to join me in this challenge, I'm going to attempt to link to Dolli-Mamas challenge.  Check it out and take some time for YOU too!


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