Friday, January 28, 2011

A Great New Healthy And Delicious Recipe

When I started my "healthier" eating journey a few months ago, one of my favorite things to make was "healthy" pizzas.  It really made me feel like I was having something kind of sinful and delicious but still fairly good for you. 

Using either a FlatOut flatbread (90 cals, 2.5 g fat, 9 g fiber) or a pita or tortilla that meets roughly the same cal, fat, and fiber requirements, I would spread a wedge of Laughing Cow light garlic and herb cheese (35 cals) over the "crust."  Then I would spread out 1/4 cup of pizza sauce (20 cals).  Then I would sprinkle 1/4 cup of my store brand (Kroger) fat free mozzarellla cheese (50 cals... although I do admit to possibly inflating this serving size to closer to 1/3 cup on occassion... LOL) and then one serving (12 slices) of Bridgford turkey pepperoni (80 cals.. and the best turkey pepperoni I've found by far!).

I bake this little concoction at 425 for 11 minutes and... wham-o.  Let me just say this little pizza is AWESOME.  And it's a great very filling dinner for under 300 calories with a lot of fiber.  Good stuff.  I make it all the time. 

Then I read something about Laughing Cow coming up with a blue cheese flavor that is also just 35 calories per wedge.  I thought... hmm... I have got to get my hands on that so I can try my pizza as a buffalo chicken pizza.  I seem to buy Tyson Southwest flavored fully cooked chicken strips by the barrelful and put them in my lunch salad just about every day, or use them in wraps or some other yummy combo.  These have 120 cals per 3 oz serving.  I thought... I could bake those on top of the flatbread with the blue cheese, buffalo sauce, and fat free mozzarella and it would be amazing.

But... I couldn't find the Laughing Cow blue cheese anywhere.  I looked all over.  I could find some stores that carried some other of the new flavors of Laughing Cow cheeses but never the blue cheese.  Until last week... when I happened to be in a Meijer, a grocery store I tend to avoid at all costs, and was cane-ing my way through the deli area when I saw this blue tinged package of Laughing Cow out of the corner of my eye.  Serendipity!  I had found it!  It was much more expensive there than buying the LC cheese at Kroger or Walmart, but I couldn't resist trying it out.

So tonight, I finally had the chance to try it out.  The FlatOut flatbread, the LC blue cheese wedge, probably 4 tablespoons of Franks Red Hot Buffalo Sauce (5 cals per tablespoon), the fat free mozz, and topped with 3 oz of the Tyson Southwest chicken strips. 

If you like hot and spicy things, which I do, I HIGHLY recommend you try this!!  I should mention, though.... it was MUCH spicier than I expected it to be.  I drank an entire bottle of water and can of diet coke with my dinner.  LOL.  Maybe a little less buffalo sauce next time... but honestly, I like the spice so... probably not.

It was just delicious.  I am probably going to be having this at least once a week for awhile.  I tend to do much better eating healthy when I eat the same things over and over again, and I really don't get bored with things very often like I know a lot of people say they do when they use that same approach.  But anyway, I digress. 

If you want to try either recipe, please let me know what you think!  :) 

Pepperoni pizza
FlatOut flatbread, pita, or tortilla
Laughing Cow cheese wedge (I use garlic and herb but whatever flavor you prefer)
Pizza sauce
Fat Free mozzarella cheese
Bridgford turkey pepperoni (you can use any brand but I swear I feel like this brand makes the pizza!
Add any veggies you like

Cook for 11(ish) minutes at 425

Buffalo chicken pizza
FlatOut flatbread, pita, or tortilla
Laughing Cow blue cheese wedge
Franks Red Hot buffalo sauce (or store brand or any brand you prefer)
Fat Free mozzarella cheese
Tyson fully cooked chicken strips (I use the Southwest flavored, but whatever you prefer works too!)
Add any veggies you like

Cook for 11(ish) minutes at 425


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  5. We make pita pizzas when we have them, but we also love making them on Indian flat bread. So delicious!

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  6. Sounds delicious! Wish you could have taken some photos of the final dinner. I love laughing cow!

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  7. Oh my that sounds super yummy. Funny I was just lying in bed (insomnia BLECK) reading the Craving God eBook and I come out to my computer to find this super tasty plus healthy recipe. The Lord speaks even during insomnia. Thanks so much for the recipe. I am adding the ingredients to my shopping list!

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  8. Thanks for following both of my blogs! I'm now following yours back! I really need to start making my own "healthy" pizzas. I only ever make small ones on English muffins! I love doing them with pesto - even though pesto has a bajillion calories!

  9. I hate to cook, don't cook, don't want to cook, wouldn't cook if you paid me, but I do like to eat good food. Oh did I mention that I HATE to cook!

  10. buffalo chicken pizza sounds amazing! I'm pretty sure I have all the ingredients on hand; I'll be trying that out tomorrow! Great idea!