Saturday, January 29, 2011

Grammy's Home!!!

I have lots to do on my blog... one of my main goals today (this weekend!) is to figure out how to get to reply to the great comments you all have been leaving for me.  A lovely blogger sent me an email showing me how to do it but as I skimmed over it I thought... I'm going to need to look at this again when I have more time.  LOL.  I've never felt so computer illiterate than since I've started my blog!!!  Anyway... that was just one of the things I had on my "Blog to do list" for the weekend and I hope I get that and at least a few more done.

But... Grammy's home!  Yay!!!  I wasn't expecting her home from Florida until tomorrow but she decided to come home a day early and I'm so excited!  She's already been over this morning for a long needed and missed chat (the phone just isn't the same!) and to get reconnected with the Brodster (he was so excited to see her... she's been gone for a month but he actually saw her car come up in the window when he was playing and started to jump up and down!).  She made Brody lunch and put him down for a nap and she's going to go with me to the girls' basketball (cheerleading) game this afternoon and we're going to check a few things out later too. 

I'm so happy to have my mommy, the best grammy, my best friend, back in town.  I know she needs and much deserves these long breaks she takes (the next one is not too far away... she leaves again for 6 weeks in the middle of March!  That will be a tough one!!) but I really miss her, and the kiddos really miss her when she's gone.

As a (mostly) single mom I really do rely on my parents for a lot of help and I thank God every day that I am lucky enough to have such amazing ones.  I know there are a lot of moms out there, both single and coupled, who either have moms and dads that don't offer much support, or have moms and dads that are too far away to help much, or have moms and dads that aren't around anymore at all and when I think of how much harder, and how much less rich my life would be without my wonderful mom and dad, I remind myself of how lucky I am. 

Are any of your kids as addicted to Grammy as mine are?  LOL.  Ava actually could hardly talk to my mom on the phone while she was gone.  Every time she'd get so excited to talk to her and then when she'd hear her voice she would break down into an inconsolable crying mess.  It was so heartbreaking to go through!  And I know it was really hard on my mom to have her heart pulled out from a thousand miles away like that. 

We tried video chatting a few times but for some reason since Dell replaced my entire hard drive and mother board last month I can't seem to get the microphone to work right so it ended up being more trouble than it was worth.  We'd have to call on the phone at the same time so she could hear us and we'd hear her through the phone and then in speaker through the computer like 3 seconds behind.  Hilarious and chaotic.  LOL.  And every time Brody would see her talking on the computer screen he would climb all over me trying to grab her out of the screen!

SOOO I'm going to hopefully have enough time to get a few more things done on the old blog this weekend but I'm super excited to have something so great tear me away from it a little bit!!  I'll check back in later and let you know what I got accomplished today towards my goals and anything else interesting that happened.  :) 


  1. My kids can take or leave my mom, they used to adore her, as they're getting "older" they don't want so much to do with her.

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  2. I wish we were closer to the grandparents, I could use their support during my husbands deployments...

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  7. My daughter loves her nana!! I seriously have the best mom ever...wouldn't make it through school if it wasn't for her.

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  9. My kids are fabulously addicted to Grandma! I love it! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

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  12. Thanks for following me, and for the nice things you said! My girls are totally addicted to their grandparents, my Mom and Dad just left 2 days ago for their month in Florida, so I totally feel your pain!! I talk to my Mom like 3 times a day, so I guess I might be addicted too!

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  18. I was very attached to my grandparents and hope to get attached to my grandchildren as well

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  19. yeah for grammy! My kids love my mom!
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  22. My mom just recently moved in with us so my kids are addicted to her! LOL She was always my best friend growing up so I'm sure they will be that way with her too!

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